French Programmes


The French Collection is a musical trip round some of the most beautiful areas of France, including Songs from the Auvergne and Brittany, arias and entr’actes from Carmen, Faure’s evocative Sicilienne, Ibert’s Divertissement, a brief visit to Jersey and finally, to Paris! The narration is taken from seasoned French travellers, past and present. The programme is humorous, atmospheric and likely to make you book a place on the next ferry to Calais!


Parade Ibert

Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

Fanfare Woolfenden

Henry V “The Night Watch” Walton

Le Soleil Monte Breton Folksong

Dolly Berceuse Faure

Entracte Richard Rodney Bennett

La Fille aux Cheveux de Laine Debussy

Two Old French Tunes Arr. Walker

La Douce Annette Breton Folksong

La Soupe au Lait Breton Folksong

Gymnopedie Satie


Entracte from Carmen Bizet

Danse Boheme from Carmen Bizet

Chasse a Valabre Milhaud

Joutes Sur L’Arc Milhaud

Plaisirs D’Amour Martini

Sicilienne Faure

La Maousinglade Milhaud

Soun, soun (Song from the Auvergne)

Lirou, Lirou (Song from the Auvergne)

Obal Din Lou Limousi (Song from the Auvergne)

Claire de Lune Debussy

The Swan Saint Saens

The Cakewalk Debussy

Sextet, Last Movement Poulenc

Paris Jacques Brel

J’aimais Jacques Brel

Galop Ibert